First Steps

This coming year, I’ll be participating in a mentorship program through a local university’s global studies center. The Center manages study abroad programs, international events, and coordinates foreign student and professor visits to the campus. It is also responsible for the Federal Service Language Academy, Military International Programs, International Internships, and International Partnerships. I find it fascinating that such a small college is able to connect with areas from all over the world!

The Center’s mission is to engage with the world to benefit the university’s students, professors, and local community. I also want to engage with the world, as I plan to major in international business and minor in foreign languages.

From this mentorship, I hope to increase my knowledge about study abroad/internship programs and meet international students. I am also excited to gain professional experience so that I may work at a similar job in the future.

Now, the first priority for me is to get off on the right foot! I will start with an introductory email to the Center’s Associate Director this week and attend a staff meeting next week. Should I bring muffins to the meeting or would baguettes be better?

I’m looking forward to learning more about cross-cultural business etiquette!


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