“Getting Ready for Your Mentorship” Article Summary 8/20/15

I just read this amazing article on internships by Juliette McDonald entitled, “Making the Most of Your Internship or Co-op”. McDonald discusses the dos and don’ts of the mentoring relationship.
Here are some tips to make a good first impression: be responsible, show up on time, and observe your job environment (to learn what other employees wear, how to address superiors, interactions between co-workers, etc.)
In addition, demonstrate you are a professional by: being enthusiastic, immersing yourself in the industry, reading training manuals, taking initiative, networking with people at all levels in your organization, and building your career portfolio (collect projects, presentations, or other documents that would be pertinent to a future job).
Remember to conclude your internship on a positive note! This includes: personally thanking your mentor for the experience, finishing all projects, leaving contact information (for future job opportunities), returning any company property, and mailing a formal thank you letter to your mentor.


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