The Importance of Communication

Communication is key in the workplace and in life. We are now living in the digital age, so our way of communicating informally has gradually changed, becoming more text-like in nature. People are prone to shout out abbreviations such as: lol, tbh, etc. And when discussing topics with friends, there is absolutely no need to be formal. Slang is acceptable and one does not need to form complete sentences. However, if one is talking with family (especially an elder) or an employer in this manner, one would likely be given a piece of soap to suck on or (on a more serious note) lose a job opportunity.
Expectations form the way we talk. To communicate effectively, one must talk in a way that coincides with the listener’s expectations. In the workplace, an employer would expect concise, polite, and professional communication. While at home, the expectations are different. One still should maintain a polite form of speech; however there is no pressure to be professional or concise (as that may be considered stand-offish).
In my mentorship, I have maintained a polite and respectful persona. I am still new and, as expected, listening is very important. It’s also important to ask questions to clarify. Right now, I am planning events for International Education Week. I will be relying on my communication skills to email, interview, and call prospective presenters.


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