October 19th Assignment

I’ve been involved with my internship now for over two months. My perception of the Center has not changed, but my own outlook has expanded, as I become more aware of the opportunities for global engagement. I continue to be surprised by the number of services offered by the Center and the number of relationships that the Center maintains with elite institutions around the world. These relationships create opportunities for students to study and participate in internships all over the world. Also, some of the connections facilitate transcontinental research collaborations between professors.

International Education Week occurs in November and I’ve been busy planning some activities for it. I’m very excited about an International Jeopardy Contest that I created on Power Point. It includes five rounds of play and incorporates audio, video, and photo files; and of course, many “Daily Doubles.” My favorite category in the game is called, “Do You Dare?” With this category, contestants must act out their answers in some manner. For instance, a question may be to “Name the national dance for Argentina (tango) and give a demonstration.” The Jeopardy contest will take place in the Student Union, so for the “Do You Dare?” category; contestants will have to act out their answers in front of everyone passing through the Student Union!

I imagine all internships and jobs have their boring or routine moments. I thought mine would be filing. However, as I file, it’s given me an opportunity to review the program proposals and agreements in the files, so filing has actually provided me with an overview of all the relationships between the Center and other institutions. Also, I’ve been keeping mental notes of the programs that appeal to me for future study abroad options!


The Graphic Organizer 9/28/15

Annotated Bibliography Graphic Organizer

Bibliography: (MLA format):

“The New Global Professionals: Flexible And Forward-Thinking.” Foreign Policy 208 (2014): 2-11. MasterFILE Elite. Web. 19 Oct. 2015.


This article presents young professionals working in the Foreign Service and international business fields. The article highlights each individual’s education, experience, and motivation for working in these fields.

The individuals featured in the article include: Amer Barghouth, a private investment project manager at the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) in Cairo, Egypt; Hanna Camp, who works for the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), a pan-African think tank located in Pretoria, South Africa, Christopher Connolly who works with the Peace Corp; Anisa Kamadoli Costa who is the president of the Tiffany and Company Foundation, and Margherita Zuin, who works with the United Nations (UN) as a global affairs professional on a political mission to Somalia.

Potential Quotes:

“Be open to different opportunities, and don’t be afraid to see where your interests and passions take you, because there are many ways to achieve what you’re interested in.”          – Anisa Kamadoli Costa

“I came to see the wider picture of how conflict is related to poverty and lack of development. Many people are not just poor, but also desperate.”    – Margherita Zuin

“Living the expat life can be fun and comfortable in its own way, but it’s not the same as making a positive choice to build expertise and a real skill set.”     – Hanna Camp


The Foreign Policy Journal (where this article was originally featured) and foreignpolicy.com are reputable sources for information on global affairs and business. The journal is published six times annually. Foreignpolicy.com offers over twenty originally-published articles on a daily basis and more than a dozen daily blogs and columns.


I wanted to learn about career opportunities in Foreign Service and International Business. This article provided five profiles of real people who are emerging leaders in their fields. I will use the article for inspiration and also as a resource because the article also included a summary of master’s programs in foreign policy.