November 16th Assignment: Social Intelligence

I just read an interesting article about “social intelligence” on Tim Elmore’s blog, “Growing Leaders.” Here is a link to the article:

Social intelligence is defined as “the capacity to effectively negotiate complex social relationships and environments.” The term was first coined by noted American psychologist, Edward Thorndike, in 1920. Essentially, it is the ability to develop healthy relationships.

The article cites Daniel Goldman’s book “Social Intelligence.” Goldman states that social intelligence includes: empathy, attunement, social cognition, concern, self-presentation and influence.

Elmore claims that younger adults are too self-absorbed and do not acknowledge authority so they come across as arrogant and lacking a work ethic. He attributes this to lenient parenting and over reliance on technology at the expense of social interactions. Elmore states that younger adults would do well to acquire social intelligence at work because it will help them make better first impressions and improve working relationships.

One thing that spoke to me in this article is the idea that younger adults who use social intelligence to their advantage will differentiate themselves in the work place. To me, social intelligence indicates intellectual and emotional maturity. I feel comfortable in many situations, but sometimes in hindsight, I wish that I had communicated more effectively.

In my internship, I plan to observe the interactions of my co-workers to learn who appears to be more socially savvy. Then I will adapt some of their social skills to match my style. Hopefully, just being attuned to these subtleties will improve my relationships (generally and in the workplace)!


November 9th Assignment

In the last month, I’ve been busy preparing for International Education Week which occurs during the week of November 16th across all four campus locations. This is also the last week before Thanksgiving break, so as you can I imagine, this has been a very hectic time filled with exams and major projects.

I’ve completed a myriad of duties, including soliciting local businesses for donations for prizes that can be used during International Education Week; finalizing the International Jeopardy Power Point presentation; contacting student groups to encourage participation in the Jeopardy game; and figuring out the logistics connected to the game, since I will be hosting the event.

I want to give a big “thank you” to my teacher of “Introduction to Business and Technology.” She taught us skills that have helped me in this internship. For instance, skills involved in business conception, planning, and promotion—how to take an idea, such as the International Jeopardy Game and get it off the ground. Also, all students had the opportunity to become Microsoft-certified as part of the course, and the technology skills I learned were very beneficial in the preparation of the International Jeopardy presentation. Lastly, business etiquette tips that were included in the course were helpful in negotiating office politics. Overall, I’m looking forward to a great turnout for all International Week events!

November 2nd Assignment

My internship site has been a “partner in my education” in several ways. I frequently work in the reception area, so I have become familiar with the types of clients handled by the Center and their needs. This has led me to a broader understanding of the Center’s global service offerings, as I learn to respond to common client questions.

In addition, the staff at my site have been very willing to give me overviews of their functional areas, and this helps me see how all the areas work together to meet the global engagement needs of the university and its students.

I have been active in International Education Week event planning and execution. Plus, I am managing all aspects of the International Jeopardy Game, which is a key event for this week. The intention for this game is that it both educates and entertains. The presentation is very sophisticated with audio and video files, so I had to develop advanced Power Point skills to produce the project. This presentation is a capstone-level project!

I’ve met many of my goals through these accomplishments and I want to get an even greater in-depth appreciation of the study abroad, internship and scholarship offerings available to students. I’ve helped out the Director of the Center by re-organizing his filing systems, and this has given me exposure to program proposals and institutional agreements. This has been a good introduction to the issues that must be covered in such proposals and agreements.

Overall, the internship is proceeding according to my expectations. I’m still learning and enjoying the opportunities to meet international students and other students who are looking for ways to engage globally!