November 9th Assignment

In the last month, I’ve been busy preparing for International Education Week which occurs during the week of November 16th across all four campus locations. This is also the last week before Thanksgiving break, so as you can I imagine, this has been a very hectic time filled with exams and major projects.

I’ve completed a myriad of duties, including soliciting local businesses for donations for prizes that can be used during International Education Week; finalizing the International Jeopardy Power Point presentation; contacting student groups to encourage participation in the Jeopardy game; and figuring out the logistics connected to the game, since I will be hosting the event.

I want to give a big “thank you” to my teacher of “Introduction to Business and Technology.” She taught us skills that have helped me in this internship. For instance, skills involved in business conception, planning, and promotion—how to take an idea, such as the International Jeopardy Game and get it off the ground. Also, all students had the opportunity to become Microsoft-certified as part of the course, and the technology skills I learned were very beneficial in the preparation of the International Jeopardy presentation. Lastly, business etiquette tips that were included in the course were helpful in negotiating office politics. Overall, I’m looking forward to a great turnout for all International Week events!


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