February 1st Assignment

For my Capstone Project, I’ve been focusing on real inquiry. I want to create greater accessibility to study abroad opportunities for the students at my university. I hypothesized that cost was the biggest barrier to participation, but I decided to verify my conjecture through research.

I interviewed the Global Center’s Director and he confirmed that cost was the greatest concern for students and parents. I also researched the topic through on-line, scholarly journals. Authors of these articles claimed that perceived and actual costs were a valid inhibitor of study abroad.

For Real Inquiry, I’ve started a benchmark study of ten southeastern universities. I’m gathering data from their global center web sites to ascertain what type of scholarship and financial support is provided to prospective study abroad candidates.

My Global Center Director considers these other institutions to be his “competition” and is very interested in what I learn from my benchmark study. You can be sure that I will post the results to this blog once I complete my evaluation!


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