March 14th Assignment: Tips for a Great Presentation

I just viewed an outstanding video titled “Be a More Confident Public Speaker.” You can view it by clicking on the link below:

The creator of this video does a great job of modeling the recommendations that she offers in the video. For instance, she suggests that a speaker open with a “hook” – perhaps a compelling fact, statistic, or story. She does this when she states that over seventy percent of the population fears public speaking and there is even a name for this fear: glossophobia!

When I give my presentation on study abroad, perhaps I can open with a statistic about how few American students study abroad vs. students from other countries. I would like a hook that demonstrates the compelling need to make study abroad more affordable, and therefore more accessible, to a greater number of American students.

The video also presents a three-step model for preparing a speech called the “Triple-P:” 1) Prepare, 2) Posture/Physicality, and 3) Pander. At the preparation stage, you should know exactly what and how you want to communicate. For the second stage, a confident posture or presence will demonstrate that you have control of the room. The last stage will ensure that your audience feels comfortable with you and they can trust what you say.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the content of my presentation, but not as much about the style of communication and non-verbal aspects. I want to come across as knowledgeable and professional, but not stiff. I hope that my audience feels that my research and conclusions are valuable to them and the clients they serve. If I achieve this goal, then I will feel that I’ve given a great presentation!