Reflective Blog Post

From this mentorship, I’ve developed a number of job-related skills and increased my knowledge of a university global center’s responsibilities. I acquired advanced power point skills, and have learned how to plan special events, manage receptionist duties, and handle office politics. I’ve also gained a greater understanding of the study abroad advisement process including study abroad scholarship opportunities. In addition, I’ve become good friends with my mentor and have thoroughly enjoyed working at UNG’s Center for Global Engagement.

Final Presentation PPT

CGE Staff  (courtesy of JW)

To get the most out of my mentorship, I always approached every assignment with a positive mental attitude. I reorganized the director’s filing system. Initially, I thought this would be a boring task however; as I got more involved with it, I realized that it allowed me to read through the contractual relationships with other universities to better understand study abroad programs. In addition, I’ve always looked for ways to promote the CGE’s services. I referenced them on social media, as appropriate, and I also staffed the CGE study abroad booth at a new student fair to answer questions on the Federal Service Language Academy (FSLA). My enthusiasm resulted in a summer job with the CGE’s FSLA program. This summer job will be great experience and will look good on my resume.

FSLA Booth.jpg

FSLA Booth (photo courtesy of K.R.Dionne)

For me, mentoring with the CGE helped expand my awareness of opportunities for study abroad and funding. Therefore, I will be able to select the best educational options to prepare me for a career in international business. I think every student should participate in some form of HMP before going to college. It provides insights about potential career paths. HMP can help a student discover early on whether they’re heading down the right path or not before they spend a lot of money in college.